/ Hesketh Racing The Biggest
Little Racing Team
in the World
About the Team 52 World Grands Prix
8 Podium Finishes
Winners - 1975
Dutch Grand Prix, Zandvoort
1974 Silverstone Trophy Winners
/ The Lord Hesketh on Motor Racing:

"The establishment didn’t take us seriously at all…"

“…they just saw me as a fat aristocrat throwing his money around. Showing they could be beaten suddenly became rather important.”

Welcome to the Official Hesketh Racing website, the last, true privateers of Formula 1.

Forged by a young British Lord and his close friend as a means to inject some adventure into their weekends, the ‘underdog squad’ evolved from carefree amateurs to grafting professionals. Giant killers who audaciously challenged the status quo of F1.

“Motor racing is like a very flat bottle of champagne. We intend to give it a vigorous shake”.

Lord Hesketh

Hesketh Racing’s foray into the highest class of international single-seater racing is one of the greatest, against all odds stories in the history of sport. It may have been all too brief but the achievements of the swashbuckling, mavericks have become the stuff of legends.

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