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Hesketh 308

The Hesketh team built the Hesketh 308, in 1974. James Hunt was highly competitive in this car, winning the International Trophy in 1974, and the Dutch GP in 1975.


Hesketh 308C

The Hesketh 308C was a development of Harvey Postlethwaite's original 308 concept, but was designed to be lighter, with a lower centre of gravity and lower frontal area.


Hesketh 308E

Bubbles Horsley continued with his Hesketh team into 1977, with a new Hesketh 308E design for Rupert Keegan and assorted hire drivers. The team withdrew from F1 in early 1978.


Other Cars

The Hesketh team entered various Formula Three events in 1972, rented a Formula Two March at the end of 1972, and bought a Surtees Formula Two car for 1973... and more.